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Do you require a simple UK mailing address that can receive your mail and forward it to you anywhere in the world? This is exactly what we do and we keep it simple and therefore cheap!
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Welcome to The Simple Mailbox

Welcome to The Simple Mailbox, a simple UK mail forwarding service that can receive your mail and forward it to any location in the world. Put simply, you pay an annual fee which allows you to give our address to anyone that needs to send you mail. We receive the mail and forward it to your given address as required. Simple!


Tell me more

The idea is simple, we only provide a mail forwarding service, we do not offer telephone answering services, meeting rooms or other facilities you might expect from a virtual office service. You may think this sounds like a negative but really it is a good thing. If you only require a mail forwarding service then using Simple Mailbox offers this service at a great price and you are not supplementing any other services that typically increase the overheads of a business.

This allows us to concentrate on just mail forwarding services which we can offer at a really low price. We receive your mail and forward it on, that is what we do. This is still backed by our friendly Client Services team who are always available on the phone or email during office hours.

Who is it for?

Our mail forwarding service is designed to be used by both businesses and personal mail clients.

Example one – You are moving out of your home and will have no permanent residence for a period of time. By using our service you have the flexibility to move around and can just tell us where to send your mail. We can even hold your mail until you know where you are going to be.

Example two – You are a small business and operate from home. Perhaps you do not want to give your home address to clients and suppliers as it may not look as professional as you would like. Our address is in the Central business district surrounded by solicitors and accountants and will enhance the image of your company.

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